All partners were previously been involved in similar projects – not only strategic partnerships focused on education (Erasmus + and previous LLL) but also in projects related to autobiographical method.

All partners are ready to face the new aims of the project and work to reach them.

The project was initiated by 2 organizations (from RO and IT) whose representatives took part at a training course for youth workers about autobiographical method – during this, we discussed about how important could autobiography be not only for young persons but also for adults, especially for low-skilled/low-qualified ones.

Association Pro Xpert

We decided to assume the project coordination as we have a strong experience in multinational partnership focused of adults’ education. We have a strong experience in adults’ education (both in formal and non-formal ways) and, most important, we have very professional experts in psychology and education sciences able to bring an important contribution to the project intellectual outputs.

Storie di Mondi Possibili

Is an organization that has, from its founding to the present, activities in various educational fields and social work, but always starting from the autobiographical and storytelling methods. We are working for about 5 years with their legal representative (Mr. Andrea Ciantar) who is, basically, the main “co-author” of this project. It is the most experienced partner in autobiographical narrative methodologies, biographical, audio-visual and artistic languages – used in various field of educational and social activities, education and research, cultural entertainment, communication and performing arts. They bring in the project professionals with a strong experience in using autobiographical method for supporting vulnerable groups and also a wide experience in working with vulnerable groups – they developed many projects focused on using autobiography in non-formal education and self development of disabled persons, elderly, minorities, migrants/refugees etc.

Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development

Is an organization we worked with in developing some project proposals especially focused on intergenerational learning. They have valuable experts in training, research, innovations, needs analyses; awareness raising and networking. They will bring in the project an important expertize in Erasmus + KA2 partnerships, working with migrants and minorities and using autobiography – particularly interviews and biographical drama – for inclusion of low-skilled or low-qualified adult learners (they applied this method on elderly, adults with low qualification, minorities)

Mobilising Expertise

They bring their very valuable experience in Erasmus + KA2 projects (including as coordinators) and in working with migrants – including a new gained experience (in an ERASMUS + KA2 partnership) in using autobiography – particularly materialized in prezi presentations – for migrants’ integration. They also bring very good IT experts.

Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service LTD

Is an organization with a long-standing expertise in education and social work. It is the most experienced partner in working with migrants and minorities – as they developed many educational activities for them. It has also a good experience in multinational partnerships in adult education. They also improved their experience in storytelling during the a KA2 partnership for adults aiming to create online and face to face learning tools on storytelling and radio communication to assist educators and community workers who work with enforced migrants. They bring in the project experts in adults’ education issues and psychologists with an important professional background and a long experience in working with vulnerable groups, particularly with migrants/minorities.

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