“It’s my life”

Documentary movie about the project and the importance of autobiographical method in education. It includes digital stories,  interviews/testimonials of the participations at the local activities, but also from participants to the LTT in Rome, local ToTs, multiplier events and from some community members.

As in the case of the brochure the innovative element of this output is its very strong tangibility. More than in “The heroes of their own novels” as an image is like 1000 words and a movie, if is well done, could have a much stronger emotional impact.

As distinct from “The heroes of their own novels” – that represent a collection of past experiences at the level of partner organisations, the movie represent the success stories of some participants in this project, but also is a valuable collection of the project impact: on participants, both trainers and learners (at LTT and local ToT), adult learners involved in local activities for migrants/minorities but also on the organisations.

An important added value is the interviews with some important decision makers (mayors, local councillors, even a MEP). The diversity of subjects (narrators – migrants and minorities from 5 different countries) and contexts brings a bigger potential of transferability. The whole movie or just proper part of it could be adapted and used as learning materials for a wide range of professionals in adults’ education that intend to use autobiographical method. minorities, discriminations and other negative behaviours like these. The whole movie is an argument, a plea for sharing life-stories (and using autobiographical method in non-formal activities for adult learners), for inclusion and for involving adults in lifelong learning.

The movie is available here