“It’s my life”

Documentary movie – based on 20 real stories of low skilled/qualified adults who participated in the project (10 migrants and 10 ethnic minorities member)

As in the case of the brochure the innovative element of this output is its very strong tangibility. More than in “The heroes of their own novels” as an image is like 1000 words and a movie, if is well done, could have a much stronger emotional impact.

As distinct from the brochure – that represent a collection of past experiences at the level of partner organizations, the movie represent the success stories of participants in this project. Stories related mostly by themselves. The diversity of subjects (narrators – 10 migrants and 10 members of ethnic minorities from 5 different countries) and contexts brings, as in the case of O2, a bigger potential of transferability.

The whole movie or just proper part of it could be adapted and used as learning materials for a wide range of professionals in adults’ education that intend to use autobiographical method.

The main impact is strong emotional one. Watching dramatical life-stories of 20 from the most vulnerable persons and how they overcome – using autobiography, helped by trainers and facilitators to bring into light their memories and give them a new meaning – many barriers and obstacles would be a great example of “yes, is possible”, of “life is, finally, wonderful”.

We are living in a “post-truth” world and most of the time we are lead by emotions, this is a certain fact (just one example here). And this is, generally talking, not a good point. But our movie will redirect our emotions in a good direction.

Beyond its transferability potential as a didactic material both for professionals in adults’ education and for adult learners, the documentary – with 20 real stories of real people – will have an important impact on the wide public and bring a contribution to combating racism, xenophobia, violent reactions against migrants and ethnic minorities, discriminations and other negative behaviors like these.