Expected results

Project results are developed in order to contribute to the project general and specific objectives as follows:

O.S. 1. enhancing the professional development of 120 adult educators working with low skilled/qualified migrants and minorities from the 5 partner countries – by equipping them with important knowledge, improved abilities and offering them an original training kit for using autobiography in adults’ education – this objective will be achieved by the following results: Continue reading “Expected results”

An innovative project

The main innovative aspect of this project is the strong learner-centred approach. Indeed, there are a lot of training materials and courses about using autobiographical method in adult education – basically all partners were involved at least in one project of this type and their already gained experience is will be the basis of all project activities and intellectual outcomes. Continue reading “An innovative project”

Context, objectives, target groups

The project context is best described in a recent document of European Association for the Education of Adults – the current crisis in Europe extended in many different areas, five of them having the biggest influence on adults’ education: the economic crisis, the social crisis, the crisis of European cohesion and identity, the ethical crisis and the personal crisis – particularly due to the status on labour market. Continue reading “Context, objectives, target groups”

A project for social inclusion

As a recent publication of European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights underline 17 years after adoption of EU laws that forbid discrimination, about 40% from immigrants, descendants of immigrants and minority ethnic groups continue to face widespread discrimination across the EU and in all areas of life (because of their ethnic or immigrant background, as well as potentially related characteristics, such as skin color and religion) most often when seeking employment. Continue reading “A project for social inclusion”