The project has a “cascade approach” that will involved a bigger and bigger number of participants in 2 types of activities:

  1. Transnational activities
    • Project meetings – that will bring together people from the management teams of all partners for assuring a proper management of the project (scheduling, budgeting, reporting and control, communications, risk management and administrative support), monitoring the activities and the project progress, analyze the results and self-evaluation.
    • Transnational learning activity – a pilot training course using the first draft of the training kit for professionals in adults’ education (that represents the main intellectual outcome of the project). It took place in Rome between 10 – 15 June 2019 and gathered 20 learners – 4 from each partner’s organization – professionals in adult education who learnt, experienced and offered feedback on specific methodologies: autobiography and digital storytelling, both taken on as techniques to support social inclusion of low-skilled/qualified adults from migrants and minority groups by improving their self-esteem, diminish their “minority stress”, develop their key competencies related to communication (verbal and written), social and civic competencies and ITC.
  2. Local activities
    • Local ToT-s – in each partner’s country the 4 participants to the training from Rome organized (between 1 September – 30 December 2019) one or more ToT that involved minimum 20 professionals in adults’ education (trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers etc.)
    • Tailored learning activities for low skilled/qualified adults – that represent in fact a transnational research activity aiming to develop another important intellectual output – ”10 Different Amici” – an empirical comparative study on how the autobiographical method worked on 10 different target groups (1 group of migrants and 1 of ethnic minorities from each partner country) – with recommendation and “tips&tricks” for future users.



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