Third multiplier event – Cugir/Romania

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 17.16.57 (3)On 2nd July we developed the third national seminar in Romania, aiming to promote the project and first three intellectual outputs. It took part in Cugir – Romania and gathered 15 participants from local authorities, companies (interested in employing migrants in the future) and NGOs.

The event took about 6 hours (4 sessions of 90 min. each, 2 coffee breaks and one lunch break) and the basic structure of the schedule was:

Session I 

  • participants’ registration 
  • first speech from the host organisation – welcoming participants and introducing the main guests (speakers)
  • welcome speech from Mr. Claudiu Nemes – deputy praefect of Alba County and from representatives from Cugir Town Hall (Cristian Roman – representative of Roma minority in the town hall and Adriana Crisan – from the social department)
  • the 3 presentations related to national situation (made and held by speakers from Central Governmental structures in the first seminar in Sinaia)
    • of low skilled/qualified adults in general
    • of migrants
    • of minorities

Session II

  • presentation of the project – aim, objectives, activities, partners
  • presentation of the intellectual outputs IO1, IO2 and IO3 
  • short introduction of autobiographical method

Session III

  • presentation of 4 Romanian participants at the local ToT, short statement about their impressions
  • 4 working groups moderated by the 4 participants at the local ToT – testing autobiographical method (short exercises aiming to deepen participants’ understanding of the method).
  • presenting the results of the working groups, changing opinions about participants’ feelings – 20 min.

Session IV

  • 4 working groups moderated by the 4 participants at the local ToT – possible application of autobiographical method – particularly using O1
  • presenting the results of the working groups 
  • conclusions, future plans, final Q&A session 

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