First partners’ meeting (on Skype)

in order to facilitate a better communication among partners we scheduled more video-conferences (by Skype). First one took part on 15 November 2018.

During the on-line meeting each partner introduced itself and the organisation (aim, target groups, activities in general and activities focused on adults’ education in particular), then we reviewed the project, activities, new deadlines (as the project start was postponed with a month) tasks and responsibilities for each organisation, established the date for the first transnational project meeting (unfortunately we couldn’t find a period convenient for all partners in November, as mentioned n the application form, the earliest possible period being March 2019).

We also discuss about the documents management, monitoring and evaluation and other technical issues.

In order to recoup for this delay of the first transnational meeting, we decide to communicate through more Skype conferences – so we had one on 10 January 2019, where we agreed on the final form for the contract to be signed by all partners, the project logo and the template for dissemination activities. The next Skype conference took part on 20 February – we clarified all issues and established details for the first transnational meeting (who will participate, traveling issues, main topics to be discussed etc.) and shared the first draft of IO2 –  the booklet “The heroes of their own novels”

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