Expected results

Project results are developed in order to contribute to the project general and specific objectives as follows:

O.S. 1. enhancing the professional development of 120 adult educators working with low skilled/qualified migrants and minorities from the 5 partner countries – by equipping them with important knowledge, improved abilities and offering them an original training kit for using autobiography in adults’ education – this objective will be achieved by the following results:

  • O1: Training kit for adult educators “Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In” – in English and each partner’s language
  • O2: A set of 20 case studies (4 from each partner) related to best practices/successful stories in using autobiography
  • O3: Comparative study on how the autobiographical method worked on 10 different target groups (1 group of migrants and 1 of ethnic minorities from each partner country) – with recommendation and “tips&tricks” for future users – the main research part will consist in 10 learning programs – 2 (1 for migrants and 1 for ethnic minorities) in each partner’s country, designed based on the training kit O1, adapted to particularities of adult learners from each partner organization. – 200 low skilled/qualified adults (100 migrants and 100 ethnic minorities) involved in these tailored learning programmes
  • O5: The documentary movie “It’s my life” about 20 low-skilled/qualified adults (10 migrants and 10 ethnic minorities) and how this project improved their lives C1 – Pilot training course for promoting and improving the training kit Local activities – 5 training sessions for professionals in adult education (1 in each partner country)
  • E1-E5: 5 seminars “Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion” that will promote the project in general and O1, O2  in each partner country. Each event will gather minimum 25 persons
  • E6: An international seminar with 90 participants (60 from Romania and 30 from abroad) aiming to promote the whole project and collect feedbacks from professionals in adults’ education from Romania and abroad O.S. 2. developing and testing (on 10 different groups of low/skilled/qualified adults from migrants and ethnic minorities groups – 2 from each country involved) new, innovative and flexible (easy to adapt) training materials based on autobiographical method.

Besides the results described above this objective will be reached by:

  • 200 digital stories published on the project blog
  • a movie for dissemination the whole project (including project description, partners, objectives and pictures/movies from activities, some interviews with beneficiaries etc.)

O.S. 3. fostering international dimension of low-skilled/qualified adults’ education by developing training materials that use the expertise of 5 countries –  this objective will be achieved through all results described above

Other results:

  • project blog – that will make available all project outcomes, photo-galleries, movies (with digital stories and from other relevant moments from the project)
  • visibility materials:
  • about 40 press articles (20 in Romania and 2-3 in each of other partner’s country) about the project, two TV broadcast on a local Romanian TV channel
  • 6 newsletters about project evolution, activities, results –
  • 3 transnational meetings reports
  • over 11000 persons informed about the project (over 3000 in Romania and about 2000 in each of other partner’s country)

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